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Truce uses journalistic tools to look inside the Christian church to explore how we got here and how we can do better.

What Is Truce?

Truce uses journalistic tools to look inside the Christian church to explore how we got here and how we can do better. Context is key. Many of us are troubled by what they see in the news and how Christianity is portrayed in the public square. Without context, these events seem like random attacks against an innocent church. Truce helps us take a step back and examine ourselves and our history. To apologize, to correct, to satisfy our curiosity, and to stand firm in Christ.

Our goal is a humble, informed church. An “ask not what society can do for church, but what the church can do for society” approach. We believe that the church does best when it is in servant mode and not seeking to rule the world.

We strive to provide high-quality, well-researched, informative, and engaging podcasts to equip Christians and attract those who do not yet believe.

Favorite Episodes

What We’re Getting Wrong About the Ten Commandments

Scott Pruitt, Christianity, and NPR’s Embedded

Girolamo Savonarola:

One Man Against the Renaissance

How Women Stopped the Drink and Gained the Vote

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About The Host

Chris Staron is the award-winning filmmaker behind Bringing up Bobby and Between the Walls. He’s also the author of the dramatic Christian thriller Cradle Robber. His heart is for people who are on the outside edges of popular Christianity: the under-represented, the skeptics, those hurt by the church. Truce is a vehicle to express the unmet needs of the outsiders. When he’s not juggling multiple episodes at the same time, Chris enjoys hiking, cross country skiing, improv comedy, and teaching Sunday school.  

Check out Chris’ book Cradle Robber and movie Bringing Up Bobby on Amazon.

From the blog

Is it okay to fail? Are we okay with failure in the Christian church? Even mainstream churches frequently link financial and business success with God’s blessing. If we’re not rich and don’t have a big following, does that mean that God doesn’t love us?

This week on the Truce Podcast we sit down once again with Andrew Schwab, lead singer of Project 86 and host of the Pioneers Podcast to discuss failure. He shares with us the difficulties his band faced with their album Truthless Heroes and Atlantic Records. Andrew is also the author of the books “Fame is Infamy”, “Tin Soldiers”, and “It’s All Downhill from Here”.

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There are so many temptations for people who create media. We are constantly targeted by scams, encouraged to brag about ourselves, and told we could always be doing better. Those pressures are shaping the modern church. For better or worse.

This week on the Truce Podcast we are joined by Andrew Schwab of Project 86 and the Pioneer’s Podcast to explore the odd temptations facing modern Christianity. Andrew is also the author of the books “Fame is Infamy”, “The Tin Soldiers”, “It’s All Downhill from Here”.

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Author Michelle DeRusha (Katrina and Martin Luther, True You) gave up media for six weeks. She did it for Lent, the time of year right before Easter when some Christians give something up in order to draw closer to God. In this episode of the Truce Podcast we hear from her about her experience, and from you, our listeners about your experience with the Truce Podcast Media Time Out.

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God didn’t tell us to conquer nations and drill for oil wherever we can. He told us to love people.


I really enjoy listening to Truce! You don't have to understand political climate to benefit from the topics covered by Truce. Chris teaches the background throughout each episode so it's easy to understand why the topic is important to christians!

Roy Browning, JMC Brands

I love Truce! It's like Adventures in Odyssey for adults!

Ben Ruprecht, President @ My Dogma

“I am zero percent Christian, and I have listened to and liked exactly 2 podcasts in my whole life. I am now adding to that list of 2 Truce… Listen, I am just as surprised as you are. It really is EXCELLENT… if you are human, regardless of religious affiliation, who is interested in history and society, this podcast will be interesting to you.”

-MorningParvati on iTunes

“Truce sets a new standard."

-ScottinWyoming on iTunes

“I have to say that I didn’t think I would get into this podcast as I tend to classify myself somewhere in the agnostic/atheist realm… but I really enjoyed the insights.”

-Melflypar on iTunes

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