S2:E29 Fatty Arbuckle and the MPAA

S2:E29 Fatty Arbuckle and the MPAA

Did Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle murder Virginia Rappe? That questions defined the film industry for thirty years. Upset with Hollywood’s moral failures, Christians demanded changes. We took over, fighting until the studios decided to censor themselves.

This special episode of Truce ties into our last episode with Abby Johnson of the Unplanned movie.

This episode explores:

  • Who was Fatty Arbuckle?
  • Who was Virginia Rappe?
  • Did Fatty Arbuckle murder Virginia Rappe?
  • What is the MPAA?
  • What started the Motional Picture Association of America?
  • Did Christians really censor the golden age of films?

Select sources:

  • Smithsonian article about the alleged murder of Virginia Rappe
  • The Fatty Arbuckle Case – “pop” book about the incident, though it doesn’t seem 100% accurate.
  • An extensive archive of papers from the MPPDA – search “Will Hays” or “Roscoe Arbuckle” for some background
  • An excellent article and video about the Hays Code by the Hoosier State Chronicles. The video is well worth watching.
  • Photograph of Virginia Rappe at the morgue
  • Video from Vox about this form of censorship


S2:E28 Censorship – Featuring Abby Johnson of the Unplanned movie and Dr. Richard Land

S2:E28 Censorship – Featuring Abby Johnson of the Unplanned movie and Dr. Richard Land

Freedom of speech. We all say we want it, but do we really? On this episode of the Truce podcast, we talk with Abby Johnson, the subject of the new film “Unplanned” which hit theaters in March. Abby shares her story of having worked for Planned Parenthood and how she quit after witnessing an abortion for herself.

Please note: this episode may not be appropriate for all listeners.

We also speak with Dr. Richard Land about his thoughts concerning censorship.

The interviews in this show (including American Family Radio, The Museum of the Bible, and more) were recorded at the 2019 Proclaim Conference, hosted by the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Anaheim, CA. Special thanks to their team for allowing Chris to attend for free with a press pass.

Writer/ director Chuck Konzelman speaking in front of a congressional hearing
Abby Johnson and host Chris Staron
Rape of Polyxena – on display in Florence, Italy

Topics discussed in this episode:
Did Twitter block the account for the Unplanned movie?
Do we really want unregulated freedom of speech?
Why were conservatives so upset when NFL players knelt during the national anthem?
Are Christian and conservative messages blocked on social media?
Who is Abby Johnson?
What did Abby Johnson see?
What is Planned Parenthood?
How big is Planned Parenthood?

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S2:E27 How Multi-Level Marketing Targets Christians (4 of 4)

S2:E27 How Multi-Level Marketing Targets Christians (4 of 4)

Did you know that Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump have all stumped for the multi-level marketing industry? MLMs, direct sales, and network marketing have powerful friends. But what about Christian “celebrities”?

On this, our fourth and final episode on MLMs, we’re going to demonstrate how the gospel is used to sell an illegitimate business model. People like Josh McDowell have spoken for Amway. But does that make his actions wrong? He is, after all, there to preach the gospel to a captive audience. Who can blame him?

Ideas explored in this episode:

  • What was the Trump Network?
  • Did Bill Clinton speak at Amway events?
  • How was George Bush involved with MLMs?
  • Who is Terri Savelle Foy?
  • Can we mix the gospel and business?
  • Why do Christians and people of faith sell for pyramid schemes?
  • How do pyramid schemes target Christians?

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