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Paypal.com is excellent for one-time gifts using a major credit card or a Paypal account.


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Where Does the Money Go?

Good question! Truce is a production of Truce Media LLC., which is a business I’ve set up to protect me legally. The money stuff is run through the LLC, which is a for-profit entity. That sounds more sinister than it is. Non-profits are subject to the whims of their largest donors. Tax exemptions for non-profits only benefit the top 10% of Americans. I want this show to be for everyone, and believe that giving to Truce should be equally sacrificial for people of all incomes.

Just about every task performed for the show from posting on social media, to research, to on-location recording, to interviewing and editing is done by one person. Me! I spend about 20-25 hours per week making Truce, meaning that I work 11 hour days most workdays and some weekends. That is exhausting!

The money given to Truce helps me to buy books, attend conferences, drive to location, purchase gear, and upgrade software. The episode on the Johnson County War alone took about 1,000 miles of driving, three days of food, and the purchasing of resources. I try to do everything as inexpensively as possible, so I stay with friends when I can. I split rooms at conferences, and do my best to keep costs down.

The remainder of the money helps me pay bills. I drive a school bus full-time, which covers my health insurance and basic finances. I need a low-maintenance job like that so that I have time in the middle of the day to produce this show. But that means that, due to my financial constraints, I am subject to housing insecurity and ebbs of the market. During the COVID 19 pandemic I lost a large percentage of my wages because schools were online and didn’t need me to drive field trips. Your contributions helped to ease the blow.

With your help I’d like to make Truce my full-time job. That would mean more frequent episodes, better sound quality, advertising ability, and (eventually) a staff to help me make this project. If I can do this while working a full-time job, imagine what is possible with a committed team!

Podcast companies are being swallowed up by media conglomerates. Now is the time for independent producers to find their voice and try new things. You can help this tiny organization blossom into a supportive environment for the very best in biblical, orthodox, thought-provoking content. Thanks!