Author Michelle DeRusha (Katrina and Martin Luther, True You) gave up media for six weeks. She did it for Lent, the time of year right before Easter when some Christians give something up in order to draw closer to God. In this episode of the Truce Podcast we hear from her about her experience, and from you, our listeners about your experience with the Truce Podcast Media Time Out.

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Michelle DeRusha Social Media Links:

Topics Covered:
What is a media fast?
Who is Michelle DeRusha?
What are people’s personal stories about fasting?
What is media bias?
How do we decode bias in our media?
Is NPR bias?
Is cable news bias?
Is Fox News bias?

In our next episode we’ll hear from Andrew Schwab of Project 86 and the Pioneers Podcast about the difficulties of being famous in the Christian world.

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