Napoleon Bonaparte. No question he was a military genius and was partially responsible for modernizing Europe. But there are some things we just aren’t sure about. Like, was Napoleon a Christian, a Muslim, or a poser?

In this, the final episode of season 2, we’re going to explore the faith history of one of the most influential men of all time. We’re joined by Pastor Justin Butler (, author of Double-Sided Power: Studies in the Life of Napoleon Bonaparte.

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Here are some fun bonus Napoleon Bonaparte Facts that we may not have covered in the episode. Aren’t you glad you visited the website?

  • Napoleon Bonaparte’s son was named Napoleon II, but he was often (almost creepily) referred to as “The King of Rome” even in letters from ol‘ poppa and momma.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte’s height — he wasn’t all that short. Probably 5′ 7″, which was about average for the time. The legend started from rumors as his enemies tried to make him sound weak. Did it work? Nope.
  • His Napoleonic Code was really important after the craziness of French Revolution! It established property rights and set up several branches of law… but it also deprived women of rights, and limited the rights of orphans. Oh, and it said slavery was okay in the colonies. So… important, but certainly not ideal.
  • Seeing that Napoleon Bonaparte was sick and close to death, his doctors thought it best that he get some exercise. He was exiled to the dampest part of St. Helena which may have contributed to his declining health. So they built him a seesaw in the billiards room! I would LOVE a picture of that.
  • His nephew, Napoleon III (reviled in Les Miserables), was also not well-liked by his uncle. But the man still became ruler of France… for a hot second (4 years) until he was defeated in the Battle of Sedan.


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