How do we deal with Christian fundamentalism?

This season of the Truce Podcast tracks the history of Christian fundamentalism. So far we’ve covered the rise of para-church ministries through preachers, the creation of dispensationalism, and the rising threat of modernist theology in the late 1800s. That is a lot to digest! So in this episode, I thought it would be helpful to sit down with some of the smartest guys I know and ask them, “how do we deal with Christian fundamentalism?”

Christian fundamentalism has impacted our lives in various ways. Ray McDaniel (pastor of First Baptist Church in Jackson, WY) shares that he grew up under fundamentalist teaching. Chris Staron (host of the Truce Podcast) talks about his childhood and teen years listening to fundamentalist radio. Nick Staron discusses the last few years when he has seen fundamentalism rise inside his own circle of friends.

Here are some things to consider from this episode:

  • Modernist theology can be seen as an actual threat to evangelical theology. How should we deal with threats in a godly way?
  • Do end times teachings open doors for sharing the gospel?
  • How much do we really know about the end times? And how should that shape the way we live today?
  • What does it really mean to love people who are from a different denomination?
  • Do we still need denominations today?
  • How can we keep ministries accountable?

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