Should Christians Fear Islam?

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Christians are commanded to love their enemies. It’s one of the hardest concepts in Christianity! But what does that look like? And who are our enemies?

Many of us see Muslims as the enemy. It’s been that way for over a thousand years, since before the crusades.

And after 9/11, many of us became aware that some Muslims don’t like the USA. Even though the country is a place where they have the same freedom of worship that we do.

In this episode of the Truce Podcast, we spoke with Samy Tanagho, author of “Glad News, God Loves You My Muslim Friend“. Samy speaks around the world, encouraging Christians to not only love Muslims, but to share the word of God.

But what does that mean? How do we share the gospel with Muslims? You might be surprised by how easy it can be! Many Muslims enjoy conversations about spiritual matters. It’s as simple as asking some key questions. And the Koran mentions Jesus – it even calls him Messiah. Talk about an open door!

Listen to this episode and the next to learn some important, easy tips for communicating God’s love for the Muslim people.

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