S3:E27 The New Deal

S3:E27 The New Deal

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Many Christian leaders came to hate the New Deal, especially libertarians. Their opposition to the New Deal as creeping socialism sparked the National Prayer Breakfast, some of Billy Graham’s speeches, and the bonding of capitalism to Christianity and the US. So we should probably know what the New Deal was!

Our guest this episode is Justin Rosolino. He’s a high school history teacher and the author of the book “Idiot Sojourning Soul“.

You can find pictures of Chris’ 50 mile New Deal Bike Tour on the website at www.trucepodcast.com.

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Topics Discussed:

  • What was the Social Gospel?
  • Who was Franklin Roosevelt?
  • What was the New Deal?
  • The Civilian Conservation Corp
  • The Works Progress Administration
  • Jenny Lake – Grand Teton National Park
  • Unemployment
  • How did we get the 30-year mortgage?

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