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S3:E20 Home of the Forgotten

S3:E20 Home of the Forgotten

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The United States, a “Christian” nation, has a bad habit of forgetting its own people. Really. We’ll prove it to you! We forget that the territories are a part of our country. Why does that matter? It impacts if/when they can vote and allows us to withhold federal aid. That matters! What happens when a “Christian nation” ignores its own people?

Our guest this episode is Daniel Immerwahr, author of the book “How to Hide an Empire” and an associate history professor at Northwestern University. In his book, he argues that the United States has been an empire since it’s inception.

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Helpful Links:

  • FDR’s “Day of Infamy” speech

Topics Covered:

  • Is the United States an Empire?
  • Can Puerto Rico vote in congress?
  • Can Puerto Rico vote for president?
  • Can American Samoa vote for president?
  • Who was bombed on December 7, 1941?