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S2:32 Are Christians Supposed to Tithe?

S2:32 Are Christians Supposed to Tithe?

Are Christians supposed to tithe? It’s a big question, one that many pastors disagree on. A tithe literally means 10%. A bunch of people in the Old Testament were commanded to give 10%… are we supposed to continue that tradition today?

This is the first part in our series about money in the church — how it gets there, where it’s used, and how it can be used to gain power. Special thanks to our friends who gathered around the campfire with us.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Does the 10% tithe still apply to modern Christians?
  • What is a tithe?
  • What is the verse in Malachi that talks about giving?
  • How much money should a pastor make?
  • Do we have to pay our pastor?
  • Should a pastor wear expensive clothes?
  • What does Jerry Savelle think about tithing?