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S3:E21 Empire: the Game!

S3:E21 Empire: the Game!

We’ve spent the last several weeks asking the question: “Is the United States an empire?” Now we want to go even deeper: “Is empire always a bad thing?”

So we invented a game that will explore that question. It’s Capture the Flag… with resources.

Topics discussed:

  • Is empire always a bad thing?
  • How can the US use resources to build alliances?
  • Is the US a Christian nation?
  • How should Christians treat resources?
  • The US has over 800 military bases. Would we want a foreign military base in or near our land?
  • Should Christian resist burglars?
  • Would we want a Chinese military base in the US?
  • How do we treat countries with less important resources?
  • The difficulty of being both a Christian and an American

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