Is it okay to fail? Are we okay with failure in the Christian church? Even mainstream churches frequently link financial and business success with God’s blessing. If we’re not rich and don’t have a big following, does that mean that God doesn’t love us?

This week on the Truce Podcast we sit down once again with Andrew Schwab, lead singer of Project 86 and host of the Pioneers Podcast to discuss failure. He shares with us the difficulties his band faced with their album Truthless Heroes and Atlantic Records. Andrew is also the author of the books “Fame is Infamy”, “Tin Soldiers”, and “It’s All Downhill from Here”.

In this episode we explore:
* Is it okay to fail?
* How should Christians handle failure?
* How do I know if I’m a success?
* Does our reliance on success distract from the mission of the church?
* Does God love me for who I am or do I have to work for it?
* How can failure be used as a weapon?
* How do I move on from a failure?

In this episode, we are also joined by Roy Browning of the Business Acumen Podcast. He helps us to look at the numbers of this podcast. Is it a success or a failure? Roy is the owner of JMC Brands.

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