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We’re surrounded by media. All the time. On our phones, the television, radio… even music at the supermarket. When was the last time you enjoyed the silence?

This week on the Truce Podcast, we’re going to take a break from media. No TV, radio, music, social media, movies… none of it. We’re doing it for a few different reasons:

*To demonstrate to ourselves that we don’t need our phones as much as we think we do.
*To refocus our attention on God.
*To see how our media is shaping us. We’re going to study the bias and marketing that comes at us through our media.
*Our series on the influencer economy will make a lot more sense if you are aware of the messaging that targets you every day.

You can call this a media fast. But the Bible has a lot of specific requirements for fasting. So, let’s just call this a “time out”. If you’d like to join along, sign up for our email updates list and you’ll be emailed a link to our free PDF version of the curriculum. Feel free to make as many copies as you like!

Here are Chris’ average stats:

Why do a media fast?
Because denying ourselves of something can illustrate to us our own reliance on it.
It gives us a great opportunity to talk with our friends about our convictions.

Unlike a traditional fast, you should be talking with your friends and family about this challenge. Hopefully, together, you can come up with solutions to better deal with all of the messaging coming at you.

Once you’re done with the media time out, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And record a voice memo on your smart phone about your experience and email it to us. We may use it on the show.

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