In April of 2018, NPR’s Embedded podcast released a story about Scott Pruitt, the current head of the Environmental Protection Agency. The story highlights not only the current investigations into Pruitt’s work at the EPA, but it also examines his Christian faith.

Scott Pruitt is a Christian. Why do evangelical Christians support Scott Pruitt even though he is in hot water? What does Genesis 1 mean? What does it look like when we subdue the earth? In this, the first episode of Season 2, we take a look at Scott Pruitt’s public history with the Christian faith. We also interview reporters from the NPR story, Joe Wertz (@JoeWertz) and Tom Dreisbach (@TomDreisbach).

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Data from the Environmental Working Group
Story from StateImpact Oklahoma
Congressional Hearing of Scott Pruitt via C-SPAN
Full audio and video of faith summit from the podcast episode via C-SPAN
Full CBN story featured in the episode

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